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VTCT Diploma in Hairdressing

The VTCT Certificate in Hairdressing (QCF) is a qualification that has been specifically designed to develop your practical skills in; the creative art of cutting or dressing women’s hair, how to effectively shampoo and condition hair or provide a good consultation service for your clients. To further enhance your practical skills you will have the opportunity to study the following units; the artistic skill of colouring and lightening hair,

Underpinning this qualification you will develop a sound knowledge of health and safety whilst working in the hair industry. You will also develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of each unit.

The purpose of this qualification is to develop your practical skills to a high level of occupational ability to enable you to perform your own salon services.

Course Content

The Art of Dressing Hair

The aim of this unit is to develop the creative skill of styling, dressing and finishing hair. You will learn how to identify the capability of your client’s hair which will allow you to choose from a range of products, tools and equipment to complete the look. You will need to demonstrate the ability to blow dry, set, put up hair and finish your client’s hair using heated styling equipment.

The Art of Colouring Hair

The aim of this unit is to develop your knowledge and practical skills in the use of temporary and semi-permanent colours. You will learn how to assess your client’s hair by identifying influencing factors through a variety of consultation techniques. This will enable you to identify the correct products, techniques, tools and equipment to use to suit your clients needs.

Client Consultation

Through this unit you will develop the ability to provide an effective consultation and advisory service for your clients. Being able to identify the capability of your clients’ hair will allow you to make recommendations based on questioning, observation and test results. You will learn how to deal with influencing factors like the client’s previous history of their hair, contra-indications, skin and scalp disorders, their lifestyle, and commitment to the service and cost involved, which all impact on the services you suggest.

Health and Safety

The aim of this unit is to increase your understanding of health and safety and its importance in the salon in which you work. You will develop the ability to carry out a simple risk analysis, recognise a hazard, responsibly deal with the hazards you have found and follow safe and hygienic working practices. You will also need to be able to locate fire fighting equipment, first aid resources and have an awareness of fire, emergency and evacuation procedures.

Cut Women’s Hair

The aim of this unit is to develop your skills to create a variety of basic looks for women using club cutting, freehand and scissor-over-comb techniques. Using these cutting techniques you will demonstrate that you can produce one length hair cuts (for both above and below shoulder length), uniform layers, and short and long graduation hair cuts. You must also demonstrate that you can work on both curly and straight hair.

Shampoo & Condition the Hair And Scalp

The aim of this unit is to develop your skills in shampooing, conditioning and treating the hair and scalp using a variety of products and massage techniques. Being able to identify the condition of your client’s hair, skin and scalp will determine which products and massage techniques to use. You will develop a sound knowledge of shampooing and conditioning products which will enable you to balance your client’s hair and scalp and provide good aftercare advice.

Colour & Lighten the Hair

The aim of this unit is to develop your skills to change hair colour using semi-permanent, quasi-permanent, permanent and lightening products. The use of a variety of colouring techniques such as full head, regrowth and highlighting and/or low-lighting effects provide the basis for all hair services at level 2. You must develop the ability to take into account a variety of factors and contra-indications that your client may present with.

Course Inclusion

  • Hairdressing Kit (worth €600)
  • Course Books
  • Free Courses: Advanced Cutting Techniques, Advanced Colouring Techniques
  • Free seminars with Farmavita Artistic Team
  • Discount trade card for Style Parlor www.styleparlor.ie
  • Use of modern salon equipment and accessories for class use

Course Fees

€2295 - Booking deposit €495

Balance can be paid in instalments over the duration of the course

Course Dates

5th October 2020 - 22nd March 2021 (20 weeks )

Classes will run from 9:30 am to 3:30 on Mondays

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